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Car Practice - 20 January
Drift Practice @ 5PM - 20 January
MMSP Ride Day - 21 January
MMSP Drive Day - 8 February

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Information for Car Drive / Practice Days



General Practice Days at Mallala are held regularly, usually once a month. We do not take bookings for these and anyone who wants to drive their own car on the track, and their car is fit for purpose, can attend. The gates open at 8am and the sessions start at 9am. The cost is $110.00 per driver.  You will also need to purchase (on the day) a One Day CAMS Licence at a cost of $25.00 unless you are an annual CAMS licence holder.



Drift Practice at Mallala are held regularly, usually once a month.  We do not take bookings for these practices.  Anyone who wants to come out of Drift their own car can attend.  We charge $10.00 at the gate and your friends can come out and watch.  Entrants are then charged $100.00 at registration.   You will also need to purchase on the day a One Day CAMS Licence at a cost of $25.00 unless you are an annual CAMS licence holder.  These practice sessions start at 5pm and run until 9 pm at night.  Registration starts at 4pm.


MMSP run their own bike practices.  The officials will be supplied by Cafnix, (Phoenix and Cafe Clubs). Gates open at 8am, sign in from 8.30am and track time starts at 9am. Armbands will be issued and groups go out in sessions. One Day Motorcycling SA licences will be issued on the day for $35. Fee for the ride day is $160. Cash only on the day, no bookings taken. Garages available on the day for $30.00.

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Cars for Drift Practice MUST have working head & tail lights for night practices.

SPECTATORS $10, Kids Under 14 FREE. This is for drift practice only.



We also every two months run a more upmarket Car Practice/Drive Day.  All information and dates are shown on the flyer below.  Passenger sessions in the morning and afternoon when you can take a friend out in the car with you. Extra lunches can be arranged when you make your booking for a cost of $25.00.

We run these days under AASA and you will be required to purchase a One Day AASA licence unless you are the holder of an annual CAMS or AASA licence, at a cost of $35.00.

2017 Mallala Motorsport Park ENTHUSIAST's Drive and Ride Track Days: