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10/10 Matsuri is a traditional style Matsuri or drift festival event bringing drifters with a variety of experience together for a massive day (and night) of drift. There is lots of open track time, no competition and passengers allowed.

There is a maximum of 140 spots available at each event at a cost of $200 - the first 100 entrants will get a free powered garage for the day. The entry includes 1 ticket and 1 paddock pass. For entrants not wanting (or not able to get) a garage they will be allocated space on the lawn in the pit paddock.

There will be 3 groups that alternate during the day. Groups go out in 30 minute sessions on track and rotate through to 1 hour sessions on the skid pan.

Drivers are able to share cars. You must sign an entry form for the other car. This must be done in the Event Office otherwise insurance will be void. There is no extra charge for this.

Passengers are allowed. Passenger passes can be purchased on the entry form or from the events office on the day. Passes allow passengers to go out in any passenger approved car. Cars must have roll-over cages & passengers are required to wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants and helmet. All clothing must be cotton or wool.


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Diagram of Roll Cages and Approved Mounts