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Car Practice - 20 January
Drift Practice @ 5PM - 20 January
MMSP Ride Day - 21 January
MMSP Drive Day - 8 February

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SA's Mallala Motor Sport Park continues to thrive and adapt to the times as the needs and preferences of competitors and fans change. Circuit racers have long feared the Mallala corners and consider the circuit as the 'toughest on brakes' in the country. In more recent times it has earned a reputation as the best drifting track in Australia.

Mallala continues to provide an exciting range of events for motor sport enthusiasts. The roar of race engines can be heard on most days of the year, with activities including private track days, driver education, practice days, test days, club events, state championships and national events.

In 2017, significant events include;

  • 10/10 Matsuri...this open track drift festival attracts many competitors and large crowds. We will have three events this year.
  • Masters of Mallala (3 Rounds)
  • Drift Fest - a new 2 day, weekend, Matsuri-style drift event!
  • ANZAC Historic Meeting (over 2 days_

For sponsorship information and enquiries on sponsoring activities at Mallala Motorsport Park please email mallalamotorsport@bigpond.com or ring the office on 8276 7744