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Driftfest is a traditional style drift festival event bringing drifters with a variety of experience together for two whole days of drift!

The event is are non-competition, with lots of open track time, and passengers allowed.

Mallala Motorsport Park will accept a maximum 120 entries for Driftfest.

Current Supplementary Regulations for upcoming events can be found on the event entry page. 


Entry fee ($295) includes;

  • 9 x 30 minute on track sessions (groups of maximum 40 on track at a time);

  • skid pan sessions (skid pan closes at 5.30pm on Saturday & 4.30pm on Sunday);

  • 1 x weekend entry ticket;

  • 1 x weekend paddock pass;

  • powered pit garage (first 100 entries only).


Groups are based on driver experience:

Group A: Experienced Drifters; Two & three car tandems allowed.

Group B: Intermediate Drifters; Single, two & three car tandems allowed.

Group C: Amateur/Beginner Drifters; Single & two car tandems allowed.


Passengers are allowed at Driftfest:

  • Vehicles must meet the standards required to hold passengers.

  • All passengers must be aged 15 years or over.

  • Passengers will need to purchase a 'buddy pass' at sign on for $30 per day and sign a disclaimer. If under 18, a parent/guardian must be present at the event to co-sign.



These events are run under a AASA Permit, if you do not hold an annual CAMS or AASA Licence, you will be required to purchase a day AASA licence with your entry.


Gates, sign on & scrutineering open at 7.00am, with a compulsory driver's briefing at 8.30am.

On Saturday, the first group will be on track at 9am, sessions end at 5.00pm.

On Sunday, the first group will be on track at 8.30am, sessions end at 4.30pm.


Vehicles must be fit for purpose; and will be scrutineered prior to going on track. Vehicle safety information can be found in the current Supplementary Regulations. 


Your clothing must be cotton or wool, ankle to wrist and you must have an Australian Standards Approved helmet.


Fuel (E85, 98) is available at the track for Matsuri Events. Tyre supply & removal is also available.


Spectators are welcomed and tickets are $30 for a two day pass or $20 for a single day pass at the gate. Children under 14 are free. Snacks and drinks can be purchased at the canteen.

Camping is available on Saturday night only, for $20 per person - this includes a BBQ dinner. 

  • All persons who stay overnight must purchase a two day ticket at a cost of $30 and a camping pass at a cost of $20.00.

  • Entrants must also purchase a camping pass. 

  • Children under 14 will be allowed entry to the event for free but will require a $20.00 camping pass to stay overnight.

  • Campground rules can be accessed by clicking here.