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MallaNats 2015 Dates TBA

2014 was another great year with two HUGE MallaNats events! We will do it all again in 2015. Dates TBA.

MallaNats is now one of the premier ‘Nats’ shows in the country.

2015 MallaNats events sees all your favorite events back.

After record entry numbers in 2014 we anticipate the first 2015 event to sell out fast! There are only 100 powered lockable garages available! 

Each entrant will again receive an official 2015 event t-shirt with their entry. The t-shirt can also be purchased via the ticket order form below.

All the regular trophies will be up for grabs at both events this year including, BEST HOLDEN, BEST FORD, BEST CRUISE CAR, BEST CLUB DISPLAY, ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD, HARD LUCK AWARD, 10 MALLANATS TOUGHEST, just to name a few. More information about all trophies and prizes can be found on the trophy list download below.

There will be Friday park up fromm 3pm-9pm. Camping will be available on both Friday and Saturday nights (Weekend camping pass is $20 per person, kids under 14 FREE). Camping passes can be ordered via the entry form or the ticket order form below under 2014 downloads.
This event is a Alcohol Free event.

The Events...

'Hi-Tec Oils' Beasts Burnouts

Let loose on the Mallala burnout pad. The judging will be based on several criteria, including smoke, form, tyre blowout and crowd appeal. The Burnouts is certainly one of the most exciting events on the card for the Mallala Performance Nationals.


There are four (4) trophy classes. These include the Rotary & 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, V8 and Open Class.

Rotary & 4cyl Class - Any vehicle with a rotary or 4cyl fitted.

6cyl Class - Any vehicle with a 6cyl fitted.

V8 Class - Any vehicle with a 8cyl fitted.

Open Class - The OPEN CLASS is a class for competitors that have forced induction engines (nitrous, super/turbocharged). Optionally any vehicles may also step up to the open class voluntarily if they think they have what it takes!

Please note that cars entered in any of the classes that obviously belong in Open class will be moved at the discretion of the organisers.

The winner of the Open Class takes home $5,000. The winner of the V8 Class takes home $1000. The winner of the 6 cyl Class takes home $500 & the winner of the  4cyl/Rotary Classes takes home $250.

ruise the Track

The track will be open at nominated times during the event for entrants to cruise around the track with their mates on board. Note: Passenger passes are $25 (at the event). Cruising is one of the more popular events, and competitors and their passengers get to enjoy their vehicles in a relaxed atmosphere.

'Outlaw Speed Shop' Drags

This event consists of 2 car runs over 200 metres with a standing start and flying finish.

The competition will be conducted on the track between Turn 7 and Turn 6. This event is highly competitive but still provides an opportunity for a production street car to enter and have some fun.

The winner takes home a $500 prize and a trophy. 2nd place will also take home a trophy.

'Southgate Holden' Show 'n Shine

Some top line cars are expected at Mallala to show off their extraordinary paint jobs and interiors in the 'Southgate Holden' Show 'n Shine. The Show 'n Shine will have different categories but one thing is for certain - the cars will be immaculate and you will be amazed at the attention to detail. We do it a bit differently though....as nearly all of the entered the cars are busy competing, the cars are judged 'on the run' with judges walking around during the day.

Trophies will be awarded for; Best Overall, Best Graphics, Best Interior, Best Modified, Best Paint, Best Number Plate, Best Ford, Best Holden, and Crowd Pleaser (voted by Public). There will also be 10 trophies awarded for the 10 Toughest Rides at MallaNats.

'Misch's Mechanical' Powerskid

This will be staged on the front (start/finish) straight. Entrants form up at Turn 8 and proceed along the front straight. The Power Skid competition is designed to show off a vehicle's horsepower and the drivers ability to use the power to smoke tyres for the longest distance while only using the brake pedal to keep the car under control.


The judges will choose the most impressive displays of horsepower, driver talent, engine revs, quantity and length of smoke.

Winner takes home $500 and a trophy. 2nd & 3rd place take home a trophy.

Go to Whoa

Go to Whoa is a popular event where competitors charge off from the line and head for a double set of lines at the other end of the main straight. When they reach the other end they have to come to a complete stop between the double lines and the competitor that completes this task in the fastest time is the winner. This discipline needs a combination of good acceleration and braking capabilities - the big more horsepower cars can get away quicker, but smaller, more nimble cars stop quicker. The results will be very close in this ultra competitive event.

Winner takes home $500 and a trophy. 2nd place will also take home a trophy.

dB Drag Sound Off

dB Drag Sound Off was a big success last year and is again back with a new format!

dB Drag Sound Off is an event where things get loud as competitors go head to head in a quest to find out just who has the loudest car stereo in each class (classes below). Classes cater for all types of car stereos, the competition is close with entrants using anything from a single subwoofer and small amp right through to the big boys with over 10,000 watts of power and extensive vehicle modifications. Why is it called dB Drag Racing? Because the format is ran just like 1/4mile drags with qualifying/heats/finals.

Trophies will be awarded to; Street Stock, Street Trunk, Street A, Street B, Street Max, Super Street NW, Super Street 1-2, Super Street 3-4, Super Street 5+ & Extreme.

See event regulations for Sound Off Class info and rules.

dB Drag Sound Off can be entered as part of a full MallaNats entry or as a separate single event entry.
October dB Drag Entry Form HERE (coming soon..)

Friday Night Park Up

You can bring your cars up for registration and safety checking on the Friday from 5pm until 10pm. Weekend camping passes are $20, kids under 14 FREE.

Anyone camping overnight Friday will need to have a weekend pass and purchase a weekend camping pass as well. We will also be issuing a camping wristband, which will need to be worn to stay. Each entrant gets a ticket with their entry which they will need to collect from the credentials office at the front gate. Anyone needing extra tickets can purchase them from the front gate.

The skids also start early at this MallaNats!!

We will now be opening the MallaNats burnout pad on the Friday afternoon/night before MallaNats begins. It will be open for all entrants to come down early and hit the pad for some fun and grudgies! There will be no extra charge for this as it will be part of the normal MallaNats entry fee.


Buddy Passes

Pre purchased ‘Buddy Passes’ are for passengers participating in on-track events only. It is not an entry ticket into the event.

MallaNats Spectator Admission Info…

Tickets at the gate or pre order via the 'ticket order form' HERE (coming soon..)

Adult: Saturday $25, Sunday $25 or Weekend Pass $40

Children under 14 FREE

FREE paddock entry, FREE Grandstands and FREE parking

FREE face painting and jumping castle for the kids

Car Clubs

Cruise to Mallala with your club or your mates and we’ll organise an area for you to park together…and put your club cars on display! Old school, new Jap..whatever…bring it along.
Find our ‘Clubs Special Offer’ below, which has discount tickets for clubs. Note: Offer only applies for genuine clubs and clubs must park together.

Buddy Passes and Cruise the Track Passes

Would you like to be in the car while your mate competes or bring a mate to come while you compete? Or cruise the track with your mates during the allocated track cruising times?

Buddy passes ($40) and Cruise the Track Passenger passes ($25) can be purchased with entry via the entry form or at the event.

All passengers must sign an AASA ‘Passengers in Vehicles’ disclaimer, which should be done when purchasing passes. The minimum age for all passengers is 16 years of age.

Passengers under 18 years must fully complete an indemnity together with their parent or legal guardian. Proof of guardianship to be produced at time of signing.

Wristbands will be issued and must be shown before entering the track. This will be monitored closely.
All occupants in vehicles must wear seatbelts.


Trade Site
There are spots available in MallaNats 'Trade Ally'. This is a great opportunitry to showcase your latest products, pass on valuable technical information, and also to achieve market research from patrons who have come from all around Australia. Fill out Trade Vendor Application HERE to book a spot for your business.


MallaNats Event Map

All MallaNats Enquiries Contact Liam 0438 033246
or email mallanats@curkpatrick.com.au

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