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All Management of Mallanats will now be done from the Mallala Motorsport Park office. 

The event will be limited to 150 competitors only, not over 200 as in previous years. This will enable us to better manage the events.



The Events...


Let loose on the Mallala burnout pad. The judging will be based on several criteria, including smoke, form, tyre blow out and crowd appeal. The Burnouts is certainly one of the most exciting events on the card for the Mallala Performance Nationals.

Cruise the Track

The track will be open at nominated times during the event for entrants to cruise around the track with their mates on board. Note: Passenger passes are $25.00 (at the event). 


Crusing is one of the more popular events and competitors and their passengers get to enjoy their vehicles in a relaxed atmosphere. 


In the past these events have been cut short due to a number of entrants smoking their tyres. These offenders will be removed from this event for the rest of the day. The event will therefore run the full 30 minutes.


This event consists of 2 car runs over 200 metres with a standing start and flying finish.

The competition will be conducted on the track between Turn 7 and Turn 6. This event is highly competitive but still provides an opportunity for a production street car to enter and have some fun.


This will be staged on the front (start/finish) straight. Entrants form up at Turn 8 and proceed along the front straight. The Powerskid competition is designed to show off a vehicle’s horsepower and the drivers ability to use the power to smoke tyres for the longest distance. There will be rolling starts. Brakes can only be used after skid is finished.

Go to Whoa

Go to Whoa is a popular event where competitors charge off from the line and head for a double set of lines at the other end of the main straight. When they reach the other end they have to come to a complete stop between the double lines and the competitor that completes this task in the fastest time is the winner. This discipline needs a combination of good acceleration and braking capabilities – the big more horsepower cars can get away quicker, but small, more nimble cars stop quicker. The results will be very close in this ultra competitive event. 

Buddy Passes and Cruise the Track Passes

Would you like to be in the car while your mate competes or bring a mate to come while you compete? Or cruise the track with your mates during the allocated track cruising times?

Buddy passes ($50) and Cruise the Track Passenger passes ($25) can be purchased with entry via the entry form or at the event.